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Web development on either PHP/SuiteCRM or a from-scratch Grails 3 app for PRN Solutions Inc.

PRN ( is a small to medium enterprise company based in Cleveland Ohio that provides Home Medical Equipment procurement and bill review services. The team is very good at providing customers with significant cost savings and streamlining the process through decades of in-house knowledge in the Durable Medical Equipment business space. They have a PHP/SuiteCRM-based upgrade to their in-house developed order processing software. The upgrade is 60-80% complete and needs approximately 100-200 hours of development work to complete the core functionality.

The initial developer had to move on but is available for frequent consultations and to take on as much of the project management and personal interfacing as needed. Both the existing production system--called PMP1--and the existing 60% complete replacement are available for review after an initial discussion of skills, availability and general match of interest.

Primary Responsibilities:
Web application development based on the open source sugarcrm->suitecrm platform. There is flexibility in skill and experience level requirements, and the ability for some moderate asynchronous training and guidance. More experienced and self-driven developers would lessen the internal overhead so are quite welcome to inquire as well.

Skills and Experience:
Clear and insightful disclosures about current skills, experiences, interests, and any potential pitfalls are most welcome. The ability to learn, adapt, and communicate can be just as valuable as technical mastery of php, html, css, mysql, and javascript. Those are, interestingly enough, the primary skills for this project. Any experience with SugarCRM or its "replacement" SuiteCRM would be very helpful. Also helpful is the ability and willingness to be guided through any lack of skill/experience in a quick and effective manner.

Please send a resume or CV to:
Cover letter welcome. Due to the 4th of July holiday next week, we are aiming to move forward to a final decision July 14th. If there is an excellent match before that, commitments may be made earlier. This is a somewhat unique opening as the skill-set levels are more flexible than many other contract positions.

posted 6.29.17